1. ____ you English?
Am Are
Is I'm

2. There are _____ people in the office.
the some
a any

3. This is _____ father.
Helen's Helens
Helen Helen'

4. What ________ in her hand?
she has is she
does she have does he have

5. Tom Cruise _______ a famous American actor.
am he
are is

6. The actor Sylvester Stallone can _____ many different kinds of parts.
play playing
to play plays

7. Listen! Somebody _______ a song.
are singing sings
is singing sing

8. There ____ not ______ milk in the glass.
is / some  is / any
are / some are / any

9. I ______ the movie Titanic in 1999.
am seeing saw
have seen to see

10. What _______ you do when you finish school?
will do
would did

11. Tomorrow is Sunday. We _____ go to bed early because there is no school.
mustn't can't
don't have to shouldn't

12. She speaks very _________ English.
well good
fair better

13. What are you going _______ this evening?
to making to doing
to make to do

14. This afternoon I am going __________.
swimming to swimming
to the swim swim

15. _______ money is this? Is it yours?
Who's Who
Whose Whom

16. What can you wear, wash and put on the washing line?
your face sunglasses
a pullover water

17. I told _________ to put it on the shelf.
to them their
them theirs

18. ______ there a party two days ago?
Are Is
Were Was

19. There is _______ cat under _______ tree.
a / the an / the
the / - - / a

20. I _____ tennis at weekends.
am playing play
played plays

21. We _________ to London in 1985.
go move
gone moved

22. This bag is ________ heavy for me.
very many
too enough

23. Who is _______ student in Mr. Jackon's classroom?
the most clever more clever
most clever cleverer

24. My youngest sister usually ________ with her classmates.
is going out go out
goes out going out

25. Yesterday while we ______ in the forest, we _______ different birds.
walk / see were walking / saw
walked / were seeing are walking / are seeing